10 Pinterest SEO Tips To Maximize Website Organic Traffic

Posted by TotalDC

If you have a blog or an online business, I would guess that your main focus is to gain people’s attention and increase traffic through organic search results. Right? And the best way to achieve your goals is with Pinterest.

Pinterest can drive hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your website every day. Of course to achieve this success you have to have a properly optimized Pinterest business account.

In this article, you will find a list of top Pinterest SEO tips to help drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

Pinterest SEO Tips

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization Or SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining traffic from naturally occurring search results when people use search engines. If you want to learn more you can read all you need to know about SEO in this article.

Pinterest SEO

Pinterest SEO works similarly to your regular search engine optimization. When you enter a phrase in Pinterest, a whole host of pins appear, ranked by relevance. And if you are guessing that Pinterest SEO is responsible for determining how relevant each pin is for your search, you are right. By choosing keywords that link to your niche, you can effectively connect to a wide audience that is looking for a product or service similar to what you are offering.

Pinterest can give your business massive potential and outreach. Finally here is the list of areas that you should be focusing on to maximize your web traffic with Pinterest.

Pinterest Keyword Research

Pinterest is a search engine, not a social media platform. Pinterest Curates their user feed based on what a user is searching for and how those key terms are used in the Pins being shared by content creators. So you most definitely must do your keyword research to be successful on Pinterest.

Pinterest Profile

Your profile instantly lets potential subscribers know whether you are right for them or not. You can think of your Pinterest profile as a first impression.

Create A Pinterest Business Account

First of all, you should start by creating a Pinterest Business Account. Or if you already have a personal account, you can simply convert your personal account into a business account. This will enable you access to Pinterest Analytics and Pinterest Ads Manager

Choose A SEO-Friendly Pinterest Username

Your username will be included in your profile’s URL, so it’s worth considering what your audience might be searching for. You want your profile name to let potential visitors or customers know the name of your business and what your business is about. You should include some keywords in your Username.

Having keywords in there will help you rank higher when people are searching for the type of information you have saved on your Pinterest Account.

About You/Description Section In Your Pinterest Account

The About You/Description Section is super important for Pinterest SEO. Here you have to tell visitors what you do and who you do it for and give them a reason to visit your website.

You simply cannot skip this section when optimizing your profile. Be sure to add the keywords that potential visitors may use when searching for the content, products, or services that you are offering. Simply put by including keywords, you are letting people know who you are, instantly. Also, do not forget to include the URL to your blog or e-shop, or business website to direct more traffic.

Add Photo To Pinterest Profile

Like everywhere else, you should add a profile picture to let people know who represents the brand. Or if you do not want to make it that personal, add your logo as a profile picture.

SEO-Friendly Pinterest Boards

When starting using Pinterest you need at least one board. You have to understand that for your potential visitors is more convenient to search for boards not only for individual pins. With boards once again you have to include the right keywords to be found. Make sure to use the right keywords in your Board Name and Board Description.

Pinterest Board Name

Remember that Board Name is just another opportunity for you to incorporate useful keywords to maximize your exposure to potential visitors.

Pinterest Board Description

Pinterest Board Description is the place for you to shine. Here you will have space of 500 characters so make sure to make the most of this real estate. Pinterest Board Description is important.

Pinterest Board Organization

Make sure to show only your brand-related boards, all other boards that may include other things you just pinned, for example, Pinterest Boards related to your hobby or other passion should be private.

SEO-Friendly Pinterest Pins

Although you can save pins directly from your website or really from any website, I find that the best method for creating pins is with Canva. With Canva you can craft perfect Pinterest pins using countless templates or create your Pins using several amazing Canva tools to perfectly suit your brand.

Pinterest Pin Title

As I said already, keywords are important when it comes to Pinterest SEO. You must be descriptive when creating a Pin title if you want to increase the visibility of your pin in the Pinterest feed and entice users to click through to your website.

Pinterest Pin Description

Just like with titles, it is very important to get your Pin descriptions just right for Pinterest SEO. You have to include detailed descriptions with target keywords. By doing that you will help Pinterest to locate and show your Pins for potential visitors.

Simply put your Pin description gives users a preview of what your content is about and most likely is the deciding factor of whether to click through to your website or not.

Pinterest Pin Image

First of all, you should use at least one keyword right from the beginning. Do not forget to include at least one keyword in your image title when you save it to your computer. When you post the image on Pinterest, the algorithm looks for the original image title when ranking. So simply put this is an opportunity for you to get bonus Pinterest SEO points.

The best size for your pins is 1000px by 1500px or a ratio of 2:3. This is very important on mobile. Pinterest algorithm prefers to display longer images on desktop and mobile. So they often get more clicks.

Also, keep in mind that a simple image is not enough. You must use text as an overlay on your images. It is well known that pins with text overlay tend to rank better.

As I have mentioned earlier, it is super easy to do using Canva.

Bonus Pinterest Tips And Tricks

When you are working with Pinterest you should remember to be consistent. It is recommended to pin at least 5 times per day to get the widest reach.

Also, you should follow boards from other content creators that are relevant to your brand to grow your network and push your pins to a much larger audience.

Always track your performance. Pinterest analytics will give you a lot of useful insight into how your profile is performing in organic search. You can use this data to alter your Pinterest SEO strategy. Everything from what keywords to use, to what design changes to make to get more clicks.

To make more people see your pins you should join Pinterest group boards. What are Pinterest group boards? Pinterest Group Boards are boards hosted by other creators who allow Pinners like you to pin your content to their boards. Each group board has its own set of rules you must follow, but the main idea is that each member can share Pins to expand everyone’s reach. You can distinguish group boards from regular boards by the fact that they have multiple users associated with each board.

When using Pinterest you should make use of scheduling apps like Tailwind and make your life easier by automating tasks.

Also, you can try Pinterest Ads. Yes, Pinterest has powerful paid advertising capabilities as well. A lot of pins today are “promoted” pins.