What Are Passkeys? Passwordless Login Is The Future

Posted by TotalDC

Passwords have been around as long as the internet itself, but they are not a perfect solution to keep your data safe. And that’s not everything. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of internet users keep using weak passwords, even strong passwords created according to all recommendations from security professionals aren’t that safe, they still can be cracked or stolen through phishing or other scams. So what could be the solution to the password problem?

what are passkeys

As you know the only good passwords are so complex and so long that is hard to remember one of them, and the fact that you must have a unique password for every website that you log into does not help. but you have options. One of the options is to use a password manager. While strong passwords kept in a password manager are a significantly better option, they are not that convenient and your security still can be compromised if someone finds some sort of vulnerability in a password manager’s code. What if I told you that there is an even better solution to keep your data safe and it is called – passkey?

What Are Passkeys?

Passkey is an authentication method for websites and apps, promoted by tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Simply, passkeys are cryptographic keys that consist of two parts, one part is a public key that’s registered with a website or app, and another is a private key that’s stored on your device.

A huge positive point is that with Passkey, you don’t have to remember your long and complicated password because to log in with a Passkey, you will be using your face, a fingerprint, or a PIN. It is as difficult as logging in to your smartphone.

And since users don’t have to create and remember passwords passkeys are much safer than regular passwords, thanks to the two-key approach. Even if a hacker gets access to the public key stored on the server, your account is still secure because hackers don’t have access to the private key that is located on your device.

Passkey technology is supported by websites like Google, Amazon, PayPal, TikTok, and more. You can find a list of websites that support passkey at passkeys.io. Google is even making passkeys the default way to log into your account. This move should encourage other online services to move from passwords to passkeys making this technology even more popular and as time goes on even make our future passwordless.