5 Best Websites To Learn Web Development

Posted by TotalDC

As a web developer, you have to learn and practice all the time. Here you will find what are 5 websites that will help you practice your skills as a front-end web developer.

Practice Web Development Skills



One of the best resources to learn web development. Over 7000+ tutorials and tons of challenges to complete along the way to test what you’ve learned. And it’s completely free.



Codewell offers real-world Figma templates that you can use to improve. You can share your solutions and receive feedback on the website or on the growing Slack community.



The gamification system on this website is a great way to track your progress and continue learning, they even give away some merchandise at the end of some battles, which is always a great motivator.



This one isn’t free, but at just $25 per month, Treehouse is a great platform to help you learn certain languages like Javascript or even backend languages like PHP.

CodePen Challenges


CodePen challenges provide prompts for nearly a variety of languages and technologies. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flutter, etc. What’s even better is that you get to share your solutions with everyone who’s participated in the challenges, and give, and receive feedback on your solution.