Adobe Firefly vs. Canva AI: The Power of AI in Design

Posted by TotalDC

Since Canva appeared on the design scene, it became a huge success. Even design software giants like Adobe were forced to take action and release Adobe Express, a direct competition to Canva. Although Canva started using AI-powered tools at least as early as 2019, Adobe is just catching up with the latest trends in technology and now offers its Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool that allows you to create visuals using various features like text-to-image, generative fill, text effects, and more. But is Adobe Firefly or Canva AI better? Let’s take a look at what Adobe Firefly and Canva have to offer in this Adobe Firefly vs Canva AI comparison.

Adobe Firefly vs. Canva AI

What Is Adobe Firefly

adobe firefly

Adobe Firefly is Adobe’s package of generative AI models that uses machine learning algorithms, designed to make your creative job faster and easier. This software has been designed to simplify the process of creating or editing artwork, making it accessible to everyone. 

What Features Adobe Firefly Has To Offer

What can Adobe Firefly do?


First of all, like any generative AI tool, Adobe Firefly can generate images from text that you feed to the AI. And since Adobe Firefly pulled much of its data for training from Adobe’s stock library, it executes this task insanely well. Images generated can be comparable to those created with Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. Plus Adobe Firefly offers a superior user interface.

Generative Fill

Another amazing feature that is available in Adobe Firefly – Generative Fill. Generative Fill lets you add or delete elements, extend the width or height of an image, remove backgrounds, etc.

Text Effects

The Text Effects feature is simply amazing. It’s one of those features that are highly specific to the needs of designers. This typography tool lets you turn text into amazing artwork using prompts. Also, you can use text effects to add textures.

Vector Recoloring

Another Adobe Firefly Feature – Vector Recoloring. In the past, you had to manually fill in the colors of a vector image, but now with vector recoloring, you can work with different color combinations super fast.

Upcoming Adobe Firefly Features

Adobe Firefly will not stop with only these 4 amazing features. There is a list of new exciting upcoming features currently in development.

  • Inpainting
  • Personalized Results
  • Text To Vector
  • Extended Image
  • 3D To Image
  • Text To Pattern
  • Text To Brush
  • Sketch To Image
  • Text To Template

Adobe Firefly Pricing

Adobe Firefly is completely free to use at least while in the beta stage, but keep in mind that it can change when it’s fully developed.

What Is Canva AI


Canva AI is a colossal suite of AI-powered design tools. These new features are designed to make creating content like social media graphics, presentations, and advertising materials more accessible to those without professional design experience. 

What Features Canva AI Has To Offer

As I wrote earlier, Canva is focused on making it easy for anyone to create beautiful designs for literally anything from social media posts to infographics and many more.

Canva is not new to AI. It launched the Background Remover tool back in 2019 and since then Canva has been at work creating more AI tools and simplifying the design process for everybody.

Canva Text To Image

Text To Image is Canva’s answer to generative AI tools like Midjourney, which as you know, lets you generate images based on text prompts. Canva generates a few options for you to choose from. Or you can switch to a different style or change your prompt if the results do not match what you had envisioned.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser must be one of my favorite tools in Canva. It lets you do the work that used to take half an hour or more, in seconds. Using Magic Eraser you can instantly clean up your photos by removing unwanted items.

Magic Edit

Magic Edit is the graphic design tool you never knew you needed. Using Magic Edit you can turn any object into another. All you need is to highlight an object and type a prompt of what you want to see in that place. This tool is equally useful for simple Canva users and for professional designers or marketers who are looking to adapt images for different campaigns, this tool is for you. With Magic Edit you can change backgrounds for different atmospheres, customize product photos for different events, modify the clothes models in photos are wearing, etc.

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is a very useful AI tool if you need to simply remove an object. One click of a button and that object disappears.

Magic Write

Magic Write is an AI text generator built directly into Canva. That makes it easier to generate written content for social media posts, blog articles, etc.

Magic Design

With Canva’s Magic Design that uses AI you simply upload a photo or enter a text prompt that describes what you need and Magic Design will generate design templates for you. That means no more creating your design from scratch. Magic Design can build templates for everything from YouTube thumbnails and TikTok videos to infographics and more.

Magic Presentation

Instant Presentations is a Magic Design feature that lets you generate entire presentations from a single prompt. Just keep in mind that Canva can’t generate complete presentations yet. But what it can do is take care of the design and a draft. All you have to do is fill in some extra details.

Beat Sync

Canvas’s Beat Sync tool uses AI to tweak the timing of multiple audio and video clips so your Instagram reels or TikTok videos could have matching well-produced audio that corresponds with the visuals. Beat Sync is surprisingly easy to use even for new creators.


Canva’s Translate feature lets you translate your content into 134 languages. No need to say that this is a real-time saver.

Canva AI Pricing

Canvas AI features, including Text to Image, Magic Edit, Magic Design, Presentations, and Beat Sync are available to all users for free. Keep in mind that not all features in Canva are free. Some features are only available for Canva Pro users. Canva Pro one-year plan costs – 14.99€/month or 109.99€/year or if you work not alone then it will cost 29.99€/month or 240€/year for Canva Teams where it can be used by up to 5 people.


As you can see, both Canva and Adobe Firefly have a lot to offer. But, ultimately, the decision between these two platforms depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Either way, both professionals and novices can harness the power of AI to unleash their creativity in the ever-changing world of design.