Image Marketing Checklist For 2024 For Quality Content

Posted by TotalDC

If you are working on a website or managing a business account, you should already know about the importance of quality content. Be specific, be relatable, be innovative, and be creative – these rules apply not only to text but to every different kind of content you create. Let me show you an in-depth image marketing checklist for 2024 and things you should know when uploading pictures or any visual content to your website or social media.

Image Marketing Checklist For 2023

Correct Image Format

If you use any type of modern technology in general, you should probably already be somewhat familiar with a few different image and photo formats, used widely on the internet and social media platforms. These are the most useful formats for any business marketing needs: JPG, JPEG, PNG, and SVG. But which one should you use and why?

JPG or JPEG – The best use is for photos and images, they are used in social media platforms, etc.
PNG – For logo making, and icons, you can have transparent backgrounds with this one. Useful for creating content.
SVG – Vector icons, logos. Another useful format when creating branding and content.

Image File Size And Image File Dimensions

The website needs a lot of information and files and for it to work properly you need to make sure that file sizes are correct and do not exceed the maximum specifications.

These are the sizes for images and photos for a website:

JPG or JPEG – Max 150KB

PNG – 100KB

SVG – 50KB.

The best image dimensions to use are these:

Full size – 1920 x 1080 px

2 Column website – 800 x 800 px

3 Column website – 400 x 400 px

Image Alt Tags And Description

Don’t neglect image alt tags and descriptions – these are the main things you need to be seen by search engines. Always include clear tags and descriptions of what is shown in the picture, because search engines can only understand the meaning of the image by reading these.

Use Tools To Help You Create

Don’t be afraid to use software or online tools to make your image game stronger. From free-to-use image sites to photo editing and so much more, you can find that creating quality content is not so difficult if you know which tools to use. Want to know more? Check out my favorite image processing tools in this post here.