What 10 Free SEO You Should Be Using In 2023

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No matter if you are a seasoned blogger or just starting, you know that search engine optimization is a super important part if you want to rank on Google or any other search engine and attract readers. This part of blogging can be a real pain and consume a huge amount of your precious time or even cost you a lot of money. But there is a way to deal with SEO easier and completely for free. In this article, I will present you with 10 free SEO tools for your blog.

10 Free Seo Tools For Your Blog You Should Start Using immediately

Google Search Console

google search console. tools for seo

Google Search Console will help you to monitor and maintain your search engine presence and rankings. With Google Search Console you can see what keywords people use to find your website. It also will notify you about any errors on your website that are holding back your rankings etc. And if you are not using plugins like Jetpack or All in One SEO that have the option to submit your sitemap automatically, you can submit your sitemap manually using Google Search Console. That will help search engines to crawl your website better.

Google Analytics

google analytics logo

Google Analytics shows you how your visitors found your website, what devices they were using, what pages they viewed, and how they interacted with your website in general. Google Analytics tracks the performance of your website by analyzing where people come from, what they click on, and when they leave the site. You can see which pages get the most traffic or are being viewed least often and why. This information can help guide future decisions about what type of content should be created or what content should be modified to not only attract new readers but keep them coming back.


seoquake free browser plugin for seo

If you need to analyze the performance of your own website on the web or look at how your competitors are doing, you will like this online tool. SEOquake is an easy-to-use and free browser plugin that provides you with a huge amount of useful SEO metrics for every page on the internet. This plugin is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Keyword Everywhere

keywordseverywhere seo tool

Find yourself in need to do keyword research? Then Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension is for you. It shows you monthly search volume, CPC, competition, and trend data on more than ten websites. It also provides traffic, link metrics, and back link data.


mozbar seo browser extension

MozBar is a free browser extension. The MozBar is a web browser extension that’s available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that provides valuable metrics about a website and its link profile for Search Engine Optimization.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

ahrefs backlink checker home page

The Ahrefs Backlink Checker is an amazing tool. You can use Ahrefs Backlink Checker to analyze your site’s link profile. From the overview page to specific hubs, you can learn about the greatest pages for link growth. 

Google Trends

google trends. tools for seo

Google Trends lets you see what people are searching for all around the world, including location-specific results. This means that if you’re looking for information about something specific, it will be much easier than trying to find that information by using Google Search itself. With Google Trends you can see what topics are trending online at any given time by analyzing trends over time periods ranging from weeks up to years, this allows you to see which issues have been consistently relevant over time and then create your content accordingly.


ubersuggest free seo tool for keyword research

Do you need keyword ideas? Keywords research is one of the essential and important elements of SEO and the whole process of Keyword research will help you to find profitable, and traffic is driving Keywords. If your answer is yes, then this next tool might be for you. Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool for finding the proper keywords for your blog

Long Tail Pro

long tail pro seo tool

Another awesome tool for keyword research. Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool designed to help website owners find low-competition keywords to support their SEO strategy. The term “long tail keywords” means that keywords are comprised of more than three words. Long tail keywords usually have way less competition than shorter keywords. Targeting long-tail keywords allows you to rank higher in the search results.


semrush seo tool

Semrush is an SEO tool that is able to perform many tasks like keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Ad optimization. It is an all-in-one tool designed to help digital marketers optimize their websites for better organic search traffic.

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