Facebook Boosted Posts. Is It Worth It?

Posted by TotalDC

Every business, new or already established, should decide on its long-term and short-term goals. Advertising on social media can be one of the ways to achieve those goals more quickly. Facebook, for example, has developed a few different ways to advertise your business, brand, and product. Let’s talk more about one of them – boosted posts.

Post Boosting On Facebook

A boosted post is an existing post on your business page timeline, that you can boost or, in other words, raise the visibility for your audience to notice more easily, by applying a certain amount of money and choosing the time frame for the boost to be active. This is the simplest way to make an ad on Facebook.

Pros And Vons To Boosting Posts On Facebook

It is okay to use a boosted post advertisement when you want to quickly get more attention for something, like an upcoming event or new product launch. Usually, newer businesses use this type of ad to gain clicks, likes, and comments and gather an audience quickly.

The downfall of using boosted posts is the inability to customize them however you want. There are fewer features for this type of ad because you don’t need an Ads manager to create it. Also, there are fewer insights you can check to determine if the ad is doing a good job.

Are Facebook-boosted posts useless? Not entirely, but you should know to use them to their best ability.