7 Things That Must Be In Every Website

Posted by TotalDC

Taking the first steps to making a website can be challenging. From market research to unique design ideas, user experience, and topics to talk about, what are the things that every website should have? It doesn’t matter if you are only a startup or a business that is already established, here are 7 things every website should include.

Every Website Must Have A Clear Message

Nobody who enters your website should be scratching their heads while they are trying to figure out what your website is about. That means that you should clearly state the name of your brand and give your visitors a summary of the products or services directly on the homepage of your website. By doing that you will tell the visitor that this is indeed the right website that he or she was searching for and attract their attention. This way your visitors will stay on your website longer.

Every Website Must Have A Simple Web Address

Domain name is one of the most important things if you want to have a successful website. You have to make the domain simple and easy to spell so that your potential visitors can find you easily. If create what looks to be a perfect domain name and it is taken, think outside the box and get even more creative. Domain names are registered for brands, so you will either need to find an unregistered domain or acquire a domain that is owned by someone else.

Every Website Must Have Strong, Professional Branding

You want people to notice your brand and remember it. To do that you need everything on your website starting from your domain name to your logo, colors, and fonts your website should look like everything belongs there and nothing is out of place.

Every Website Must Have a Strong Call To Action

A call to action should tell your readers what to do and what they will get out of doing it. A call to action can be anything from “create a login,” to “book a demo,” to “get on our mailing list.” It’s a convincing plea to users, making them take some kind of action on your site that would involve later contact. By strategically placing a call to action in your content you can significantly increase conversions. You don’t want to irritate people and be too flashy with your call to action because they may get turned off and click out of your website. Make sure to find the right balance to draw visitors in without being annoying.

Every Website Must Have Compelling Content

This is by far one of the most important parts of your website. You have to give your website’s visitors something informative and relevant to them because no one wants to waste their time by simply scrolling through pages. Make sure that information on your website is valuable and your website’s visitors can take something from it once they leave your website.

Also, your content should be optimized for search engines. Just think about what your visitors would want to know about and create pages and blog posts around these topics. Creating good SEO content is not an easy task. It has to be able to be found. For example, fresh content is very important for SEO so you should always keep regularly updating content on your website.

Every Website Must Have Simple Navigation

You have probably seen a lot of different ways people make navigation on their websites. Navigation on your website can be a drop-down, scroll-triggered, hamburger, etc. It is not important what type of navigation you use on your website as long as you make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Your navigation should be simple and intuitive in both the design and the way the pages are organized.

Every Website Must Be Mobile-Friendly

If you use for example Google Analytics you can see that traffic from mobile devices accounts for half of all web traffic if not more, so a good mobile experience is very important. If your site does not load quickly and provide a good user experience, you will lose visitors. Those visitors won’t likely come back because they will find another website that gives them a better experience. Another reason to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly is SEO, Google will not rank your website very high if it is not optimized for mobile devices.