6 Best VS Code Extensions For Web Development

Posted by TotalDC

Visual Studio Code is arguably the best code editor out there at the moment. Market Place offers tons of extensions to customize it exactly to your needs and help you in writing high-quality code. In this article, I will recommend my favorite VS Code extensions.

6 useful visual studio code extensions

Prettier — Code formatter VS Code Extension

prettier - code formatter overview

Doesn’t matter if you write code alone or in a group, neat code is very important. Prettier is excellent, especially if you are working on a project with other developers. It removes original styling and puts on a consistent code style. Thanks to consistent formatting the code is much more readable.

Bracket pair colorizer VS Code Extension

bracket pair colorizer overview

The bracket pair colorizer helps you to find the closing bracket of the current block of code. It often happens that when writing long code after a while you just can’t tell where brackets start and where they end. Bracket pair colorizer comes to your rescue by colorizing each pair of brackets in different colors so that they can be easily found.

GitLens VS Code Extension

gitlens overview

Visual Studio Code has a git integration. It can be made even better by installing the GitLens extension. When working in a team it allows checking who created each line of code when it was created, and it allows us to go to commit details quickly.

ESLint VS Code Extension

eslint overview

If you want to create a friendly, readable, clean code, it’s a great idea to install ESLint into your VS Code. This will help you to stick to standard practices.

Vetur VS Code Extension

vetur  overview

Vetur brings a lot of functionalities like code snippets, linking and error checking, formatting, debugging, or highlighting the syntax. It looks very impressive.

Live Server VS Code Extension

live server overview

Every time you save your code, you’ll instantly see the changes reflected in the browser. You’ll be much faster at spotting errors and it’s much easier to do some quick experiments with your code.