Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Instant Page

Posted by TotalDC

TikTok just launched its new Instant Page feature. TikTok instant page provides a faster, less disruptive ad loading experience. It is expected that the new native landing page should be able to load 11 times faster than standard mobile pages.

What Is TikTok Instant Page?

TikTok Instant page is a lightweight landing page within TikTok that helps advertise your brand, product, or service directly from a TikTok video, without the need for the user to click on a link to lead them to your site.

Why You Should Use TikTok Instant Page?

In these current times where attention spans are lower and speed is important, it is a very useful feature that you can take advantage of.

The pages are also very easy to build and customize according to your brand, product, or services.

But isn’t it less useful than leading users to your website you may be asking. In short – yes. But while it does less in comparison to having your users click on your link and visit your website where they can explore more options, do not forget that it mainly targets the generation of TikTok users that prefers things to be fast and uncomplicated.