NFT are coming to Instagram. Here’s What You Need To Know

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On Tuesday, Instagram on its blog post announced a plan to introduce in-app NFT. They are beginning to test what they call digital collectibles with creators and collectors from US. Users will be able to display their NFTs on the main Instagram feed, within stories or in direct messages. Once creator or collector posts NFT, it will have a shimmer effect and can display public information, such as a description of the NFT. While there will also be a new NFT tab added to participating accounts, with a tick in a hexagon to indicate verified NFTs. Zuckerberg hopes users would be able to mint their own NFTs on the platform within the coming months.

Instagram says it’s initially supporting NFT on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, and promised that support for Flow and Solana are coming soon. Crypto wallets MetaMask, Rainbow, and Trust Wallet will be the first wallets compatible with Instagram.

Also according to the blog post Meta plans to roll out digital collectibles on Facebook and allow users to display and share their digital collectibles as AR stickers in Instagram Stories.

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