Is Pinterest The Best Thing For Your Business

Posted by TotalDC

There is no doubt social media platforms are a great way to communicate but also to advertise your business, brand name, and products. Social media tends to change rapidly these days and some of those changes are great, some not so much. Let’s talk about Pinterest – is Pinterest the new best thing for your business?

If you still think Pinterest is only suitable for middle-aged women to share different meal recipes, knitted dresses, or nail designs – I need to stop you right there. Nowadays you can promote nearly everything there – from handmade jewelry, clothes, toys, and electronics to blog posts, content, lectures, ideas, and other digital products.

is pinterest new best thing for your business

Why Using Pinterest Is The Best Bet For Your Business

Well, there are many reasons why you may want to consider using Pinterest for your business. Let’s look at some of them more closely.

The main purpose and feature of Pinterest are to help people find something they are looking for using creative visual content. Most of the time people search for decor ideas, simple DIY instructions, or recipes for a great supper. And it is proven time and time again, that visual content gets more attention than simple text. Especially nowadays when people are constantly bombarded with tons of information you can get way more attention from potential customers with great visual content rather than text because it is way easier to quickly scan through and digest. That potentially means that you could get loads of traffic to your website.

Pinterest is more effective at steering traffic back to your website than any other social media platform, especially now, when all other platforms request you to pay for advertisements to reach at least some amount of people, and even then there is no guarantee that you will reach the number of people that you need to thanks to overly complicated algorithms. In my opinion, one of the main beauties of Pinterest is its simplicity.

But how does it work? With Pinterest, you create a pin, and that pin can include a link to lead back to the source of the image. And, as you may know, links built through images are some of the best links you can acquire when it comes to the actual engagement of your auditory. Yes, you still need your content to be shared to get even more people to see it, but again, the main reason Pinterest exists is to share useful content with like-minded people and it is made super simple to do it. And believe me, people here are super active.