How To Use Media Library In WordPress

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We are continuing our WordPress series and today we will be learning about Media Library in WordPress. Basically Media Library contains images, videos and other files you have uploaded when writing a post or creating new page. In media library you can view, add or delete any media related objects.

Step 1 – Click on Media Library in WordPress.

media library button in wordpress dashboard

Step 2 – Here you can view media files you have already uploaded. To add new media files – click on Add New button.

add new button in media library in wordpress

Step 3 – The Upload New Media page will open. It looks just like in the example.

upload media page in wordpress

To add new media files you can simply drag and drop the file or files to that area. Or you can click Select Files and go to the folder where you keep your media files and then select them. Keep in mind that WordPress has upload file size limit. Usually it will change depending on your web host.

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