How To Add, Edit And Delete Tags In WordPress

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Tags in WordPress are a small information attached to the post or other content and serves the purpose of identification. It tells the visitors what actually the post is about. If the tag is mentioned properly then it helps to find the content very easily.

How To Add Tags In WordPress

To add tags in WordPress you have to follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Click on PostsTags in WordPress.

tags button in wordpress post section

Step 2 – The Tags page is displayed.

The Tags page is displayed

Here’s what every field means in Tags page.

  • Name − Enter the name of tags.
  • Slug − A word chosen to describe your post. It is specified in the tags URL.
  • Description − Add brief description of your tag. It gets displayed when you hover on the tag.

After filling all the information, click on Add New Tag button.

The new created tags will get displayed on the right side of the page as shown in the following screenshot.

How To Edit Tags In WordPress

Now that you know how to add tags, let’s talk about how you can edit them.

Here are simple steps to edit tags in WordPress.

Step 1 – Click on PostsTags in WordPress.

click on tags in posts in wordpress

Step 2 – When the cursor hovers on the Tags, then a few options get displayed below the Tag name. There are two ways to edit the tags – Edit and Quick Edit.

To edit − Click on Edit option in Tags section.

edit button in tags

Here you can edit any of the fields, and then click on Update button.

edit any of the required field in tags

To Quick Edit – Click on Quick Edit option in Tags section.

quick edit button in tags section in wordpress

With Quick Edit you can only edit the Name and Slug of the Tags as seen in the following screen and then click on Update Tag button.

quick edit tab in wordpress tag section

How To Delete Tags In WordPress

Finally let’s look at how you can delete tags in WordPress. To do that – follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – click on Posts Tags in WordPress.

tags button in wordpress dashboard

Step 2 – Click on Delete in tags section.

Click on Delete in tags section

When you click on delete, you will get a pop message asking for confirmation to delete.

delete tag alert message

Now you can click on OK button and delete the tag permanently.

Last time we talked about how you can insert media into posts in WordPress, you can find this article here.

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