Free Google Tools Bloggers Have To Know

Posted by TotalDC

Even if you are a new blogger you have heard about tools like Google Analytics. But what about other free Google tools for bloggers? There are plenty. In this post, I’ll share with you some of my favorite Google tools that can help out with SEO, content marketing, and more.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows you how your visitors found your website, what devices they were using, what pages they viewed, and how they interacted with your website in general. Google Analytics tracks the performance of your website by analyzing where people come from, what they click on, and when they leave the site. You can see which pages get the most traffic or are being viewed least often and why. This information can help guide future decisions about what type of content should be created or what content should be modified to not only attract new readers but keep them coming back.

Google Trends

Google Trends lets you see what people are searching for all around the world, including location-specific results. This means that if you’re looking for information about something specific, it will be much easier than trying to find that information by using Google Search itself. With Google Trends you can see what topics are trending online at any given time by analyzing trends over periods ranging from weeks up to years, this allows you to see which issues have been consistently relevant over time and then create your content accordingly.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console will help you to monitor and maintain your search engine presence and rankings. With Google Search Console you can see what keywords people use to find your website. It also will notify you about any errors on your website that are holding back your rankings etc. And if you are not using plugins like Jetpack or All in One SEO that have an option to submit your sitemap automatically, you can submit your sitemap manually using Google Search Console. That will help search engines to crawl your website better.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to easily add and manage tags on your website. Tags are used by analytics and other marketing tools to add tracking or other features to your website. To add tags to the WordPress website you need to add custom code. This custom code can be hard to manage when you have a lot of it. Here is where Google Tag Manager comes into play. This tool solves this problem by allowing you to manage all your external code from one dashboard. Simply all you need to do is add one Google Tag Manager snippet to your website, and then you can manage all other custom code snippets from the dashboard.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a website performance monitoring tool. As you know loading a website is one of the most important things if you are looking to have a website that provides a good user experience and if you want it to rank high in the Google search engine. This tool shows you how your website is performing desktop and on mobile devices. PageSpeed Insights not only gives a score according to your website’s speed after scanning it but also gives you a list of things, that you should improve for better website performance.