10 Best Useless Websites On The Internet

Posted by TotalDC

You know the weekend is just around the corner, yet you still have things to tend to. So I thought of something that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Or to cheer you up over coffee break. Here are some of the best useless websites on the world wide web, but they are loads of fun.

10 best useless websites on the internet that you must see


long doge challenge

It just what you think it is. Now you can scroll for points and even print entire thing after you are done.

2. Quick Draw

quick draw

Now it’s time to test your drawing skills by seeing if Google can guess exactly what you are drawing.

3. Map Crunch

map crunch

MapCrunch helps you discover random places around the globe photographed by Google Street View. The user can be virtually transported to any place on Earth and start exploring our incredible landscapes and places without traveling.

4. Windows 93

windows 93

This is a totally 90s website. Simply described: operating Windows 93 in your browser.

5. GifCities


Really awesome collection of retro gifs for all occasions.

6. Koalastothemax


Move your mouse over a circle and it’ll divide into 2, then 4 then 8 and so on until you go mad.

7. Cat-bounce

cat bounce

Internets favorite animals bouncing.

8. Nooooooooooooo


9. Chrismckenzie


10. Pointerpointer


You can’t hide your cursor in this website…