Introduction To PHP. Everything You Need To Know To Start

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Let’s start this series with an introduction to PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is server-side scripting language designed for web development specifically. You can embed PHP code in HTML files or vise versa HTML code can be written in a PHP file.

PHP difference from a client-side language like HTML or JavaScript is that PHP code are executed on the server unlike JavaScript or HTML where code are directly rendered on the browser.

print "Hello world!"; 

Why you should learn PHP?

So why you should learn PHP? Let’s look at few reasons:

  • Easy to Learn: PHP is easier to learn (than let’s say JavaScript) for anyone who has come across to any programming language for the first time.
  • Free of Cost: Since PHP is open-source language, therefore developers are allowed to use its components and all methods for free.
  • Flexible: Since PHP is a dynamically typed language, therefore there are no hard rules on how to build features using it.
  • Supports nearly all databases : PHP supports all the widely used databases, including MySQL, ODBC, SQLite etc.
  • Secured: PHP provides us a secure platform for developing websites as it has multiple security levels.
  • Huge Community Support: PHP is loved and used by a huge number of developers who love to share their knowledge with other people of the community who want to know about PHP

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