10 Minute Video Uploads On TikTok

Posted by TotalDC

When TikTok launched it’s creators had to cram their content into 60 seconds. Later on July 2021 video length increased to 3 minutes. And now users will be able to upload much longer videos of up to 10 minutes.

The expanded video length will give creators more time and flexibility when filming things like cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational content, comedic sketches etc. No more of that super annoying – “follow for part 2…”, I guess. How many times you actually looked for that second part of the video and simply scrolled to whats next on your feed?

In addition to simply being more convenient for creators and their followers, this also means – more direct monetization potential.

 It will definitely be interesting to see whether this change will increase users interest, and whether TikTok can successfully extend user engagement in the app, which could lead to a much broader set of content and advertising options. YouTube already launched TikTok-like ‘Shorts’ option as an additional content for its creators, so that they can then generate more interest in their main content feed, where they can make much more money from in-stream ads. And apparently YouTube is winning the race to make real money from your uploads.

Perhaps TikTok worries that it will begin to loose audience to competitors and maybe this is TikTok’s answer, giving creators the capacity to actually generate direct revenue via longer clips, a direct monetization offering more in line with what they’ll see on YouTube.

Will it work? For now who knows. Sure, it looks like a great idea on paper, but we have to wait to see if TikTok users will actually be interested in sitting through longer videos or TikTok had to stay with its original short format videos that made platform popular in the first place.