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Already spending countless hours on the internet and especially on social media? We talked about how to monetize your blog and start earning some serious cash from your passion to write about things. But did you know that you could earn money from Twitter?

Apparently Twitter has launched three new features that can help you earn cash I’m talking about Super Follows, Tips and Ticketed Spaces.

Super Follows let people to subscribe to your content, Tips enables them an option to show their appreciation by giving you one-time payments and Ticketed Spaces let’s you charge an entrance fee when you stream audio from Twitter’s Spaces.

Worth noticing that these features are limited depending on your location, OS, and… drum roll… your follower count. But if you meet the criteria, you can easily apply from your account and start earning easy cash if you are lucky.

Earn Money On Twitter With Super Follows

Let’s say that you have a lot of followers, then Super Follows is business opportunity for you. Main idea behind Super Follows. It’s super similar to Patreon. Basically you curate exclusive content that’s only available for those who are paying you a monthly fee.

You have to have your brand, your audience and a business model that works for you, but the idea is simple – you decide which tweets you want to lock up behind paywall and which ones are not worth paying for.

But where’s the catch you may be asking? The catch is that in order to make money off of Super Follows is that currently it’s only available for iOS, so all Windows or Android users – you are out of luck for now. Other, you have to live in the US, be 18 years old or over, have a minimum of 10k followers have an account that is at least three month old post at least 25 tweets over 30 days period.

Actually Twitter is actively searching for creators, but if you don’t have and invitation and meet all requirements, you can apply yourself. To do that go to Twitter’s mobile app, tap on your profile picture, then got to Settings and Privacy and then Monetization. When you are there tap on Super Follows and got through required steps. Don’t know why, maybe because it is new service, Twitter will not give you any kind of notification or confirmation email or anything, you just have to go back to that menu and manually check if you were accepted or not. And more to that, there is no time limit for how long you will have to wait.

OK, now that we covered all that annoying stuff let’s talk about money. According to Twitter you will be able to get up to 97% of what you make so that means Twitter takes only 3% cut. That is if your profit is smaller that 50k… If you earn more than that, Twitter will take 20%. And then Apple will take another 30% of your profit. So technically you will get about 67%. Sure, the exact amount will differ from how many subscribers you have and how much will you charge for exclusive content.

How To Get Tips On Twitter

This feature is available on Twitter since May and it’s a simple button on your profile that your followers can click and financially thank you for your content.

When enabled users will see cash icon on your profile right next to the Follow button. When users click on it, they will see a list of all the payment services you have connected to your account, like Cash App, Patreon, Paypal and Venmo.

Where’s the catch with this one you may be asking? First things first, good news is that 100% of cash goes directly to you not like with Super Follow. But for now this feature is only available on English version. And not everyone can enable it. Twitter stated on their blog post that this feature will be available for wider audience soon.

Make Money With Ticketed Spaces

What the hell is Ticketed Spaces you are asking? Spaces are live-audio rooms where users can host conversations, monologues even live recurrent shows. Host can charge a fee from 1$ to 999$ to access their live event on Spaces.

This one like Super Follows are available only in US (at least for now) and you have to get through long list of criteria. Again if you think that you can enter but did not receive invitation from Twitter, just tap your profile picture, then go to Settings and Privacy, Monetization and then press Ticketed Spaces.

Revenue model for Ticketed Spaces is the same as Super Follows. The only difference is that it’s available not only on iOS, but on Android as well. Bonus for Android users, they will not be charged by App Store, and will receive 97% of cash, while iOS users will get only about 67%. In Both cases these numbers apply if you earn less than 50k.

For now these three tools are very new and and not available worldwide and may change when available for wider audience. But for now this could be very nice opportunity to earn some bonus money if you can apply and get verified by Twitter.

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