How To Edit Post In Gutenberg Editor In WordPress

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Since last time we learned how to create posts in WordPress. Now let’s learn how to edit posts in WordPress. There Are two ways to edit your posts in WordPress.

Edit Post In Gutenberg Editor In WordPress

Here are the simple steps you can edit posts in WordPress.

Step 1 – Click on Posts – All Posts in WordPress.

how to locate all posts tab in wordpress

Step 2 – When the cursor hovers over the post, a few options are displayed below the post name. There are two ways to edit the post – Edit or Quick Edit.

To edit – click on the Edit option as shown in the example.

how to locate edit button in posts in wordpress

Now you can edit or change the content or title or any other information on that post, when you are happy with your post – click on the Update button to save the post.

overview of edit post screen in gutenberg editor in wordpress

Quick Edit Post In WordPress

Another way of editing posts in WordPress is by using Quick Edit.

To do a Quick Edit – click on the Quick Edit option as shown in the example.

how to locate quick edit button in wordpress

Here you can edit the Title, Slug, and date of the posts, select the categories for your post, allow comments, protect that post with a password or make it private, etc. Again when you are happy with the changes you have made – click on the Update button to save those changes.

overview of quick edit screen in wordpress

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