How To Add Or Remove WordPress Widgets

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You can add a lot of functionality to your WordPress website without having to write any code, for example a list of recent posts or an email sign up form. You can do that with widgets. Widgets can be added to any widget enabled part of your website, for example sidebar, footer or header.

When you add a widget for example to a sidebar that widget will display on every page or post where your sidebar appears. Now lets learn how to add or remove WordPress widgets.

How To Add Or Remove WordPress Widgets

Here’s a simple steps you need to follow:

Go to Appearance – click on Widgets.

widget settings position in wordpress dashboard

Select place where you want your widgets to appear (for example sidebar) and press the + button.

select place for your widgets in wordpress

Pop up menu will appear. Click on Browse all and then scroll down to widgets section.

pop up menu in wordpress
scroll down to widgets section in wordpress menu

Now to add a widget to selected place just press on a widget that you want to add.

latest posts widget in wordpress

In this example I added Latest Posts widget. As you can see when you add a widget more options will appear. Now you can add widgets to a groups, change alignment or switch between list view or grid view of your widget or switch widget position form sidebar to a footer and vice versa.

When you are happy with your selected widgets and their placement, press Update.

press update to save widget settings

Now as you can see widgets will appear when you wanted them to be.

widgets example in wordpress

To remove widget completely press on three dots icon and select Remove [widget name].

remove widget in wordpress

Keep in mind that possible widget placement locations and appearance depends on what theme you are using. Some themes does not allow you to add widgets at all.

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