7 Ways to Monetize Your Website

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Maintaining, and managing a website takes up your time and effort and costs money. Even if you’re not updating the website on a regular basis, you do need to pay for hosting. And wouldn’t it be awesome if your website could pay for itself and even make you some additional income if you could monetize your website?

There are a lot of ways for your to monetize your website but I’ve picked the most convenient and practical solutions that you can actually follow and get started today! These are a great way to generate passive revenue and let your website work for you!

Display Ads

Displaying ads on your website is a great way to generate that extra income. It may not generate a very high income, but if you collaborate with trusted companies, it can definitely be a good option. Now you maybe asking where do I find advertisers for my website? Here are some ad platforms that you can check out and list your website as publication that accepts advertiser.

  • BuySellAds
  • Taboola
  • Evadav
  • Clickadu
  • Outbrain
  • Adcash
  • Cabon

If your website is functional, responsive and has a steady inflow of daily visitors then you won’t find it difficult to get new advertiser.

A second option to display ads on your website is with Google ads. You need a Google account to setup Adsense on your website, phone number, mailing address and a with just a little code entered in your website, you can start earning money with Google ads.

Affiliate Marketing

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As a web designer you can use your website to become an affiliate for tools and services that are relevant to the web design industry. These are products that you can promote to your friends, colleagues and clients and when a cell is made you will receive a commission. There are many reputable affiliate programs for web designers that you can join.

Digital Products

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If you don’t want to sell products as an affiliate then you can earn even more by selling your own products. Digital products such as WordPress plugins, ebooks, courses, UX/UI frameworks are always in demand and creating such products that add value to your audience is a great way to earn that extra cash.

Add a “Hire Me” Page

Finding clients as a freelance web designer is always a lot of work, but you can save yourself countless hours of job hunting if you have a “Hire Me” page right on your website. The clients can reach out to you, get in touch with you and send you their requirements which you can study and start working. If you also put up a portfolio page along with testimonials from previous work, your chances of getting hired increases drastically.

Accept Donations

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You probably heard about donations from various streaming services like Twitch, but are thinking who is going to send donations to your website. But actually if your audience feel that your content has added value for them, then least they can do is by you a cup of coffee.

There are lot of other options like GofundME or Patreon that can be used.

Sponsored Content

Every company is trying to get in front of their audience, and while there are a lot of available options like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc they can sometimes become too expensive. Sponsored posts are a great way for these companies to reach their target audience with the added advantage of not being limited by a few lines. 

Flip Websites

If you ever feel like your website has served its purpose for you, or if you see it generating steady income, you can earn more from it by selling the website completely. You can list your website on platforms such as Flippa which is a marketplace to buy and sell websites.

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