6 Google Chrome AI Extensions To Boost Productivity

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In today’s world with so many tasks to complete and information to digest, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. However, AI can be a powerful tool to help manage and streamline tasks, allowing you to be more productive and efficient. In this blog post, I will present you with 6 AI Google Chrome extensions to boost your productivity.

AI Google Chrome extensions

Fireflies Google Chrome Extension

Fireflies is a versatile AI-powered assistant designed for those who use ChatGPT. This Chrome extension allows you to transcribe and record meetings, summarize emails and documents, and even extract essential information from news articles and YouTube videos using its natural language processing capabilities. With Fireflies, you can effectively keep track of essential details from various content sources, enabling you to work more efficiently. Fireflies is a trusted tool by millions of professionals across industries and can potentially transform the way you work and increase your productivity. This extension offers a free plan.

AIPRM Google Chrome Extension

AIPRM is another Chrome extension specifically designed for ChatGPT users. It has been adopted by more than one million professionals in major corporations such as Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft. Offering top-notch prompts, AIPRM can enhance your ChatGPT experience and save you time. The extension provides an array of prompt templates designed for those who work in marketing, customer support, sales, etc.

SciSpace Copilot Google Chrome Extension

If you find yourself working with complex data like scientific literature technical blog posts, reports, or research papers, this next Chrome extension will be for you. SciSpace Copilot is an AI-powered extension for Google Chrome that simplifies the process of understanding complex papers for its users. With its ability to instantly provide explanations when you highlight text, numbers, or charts, this extension can save you valuable time and improve your efficiency. Professionals across various industries are already benefiting from the convenience of SciSpace Copilot, allowing them to focus on what truly matters. And you will be happy to know that this insanely useful AI tool is free for you to use.

GPT For Sheets And Docs Google Chrome Extensions

Next on the list is an amazing AI-powered tool for those who find themselves spending the majority of their time working with documents. GPT for Sheets and Docs is an extension for your browser that will enhance your productivity and simplify your document editing process. You can get an executive summary of any document with just one click, which saves you a significant amount of time by getting rid of unimportant text.

This Chrome extension also offers formatting and organization features, so you can create and manage neat-looking documents. Whether you are a student or a professional, GPT for Sheets and Docs can help you get more done while taking less time.

Compose AI Google Chrome Extension

If your daily work involves spending a lot of time writing emails this next Chrome extension is for you. Compose AI is a Chrome extension that can help you automate your email replies and write with more clarity and impact. Compose AI can generate high-quality email responses in seconds by using natural language processing, reducing your workload and saving you valuable time. And what is even better – its free to use.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius Google Chrome Extension

As you know ChatGPT can be incredibly useful, but for it to work properly, you need to know how to provide prompts for it. Here is where the ChatGPT Prompt Genius Chrome extension comes in handy. ChatGPT Prompt Genius is like a cheat sheet for prompts. It works by gathering user-generated prompts for various functions and tasks through a subreddit community. With the extension, you can run these in ChatGPT or filter them to browse through categories such as academic writing, business, learning, games, writing, programming, social media, speeches, scripts, and more. You can curate and save recently used prompts so they can be used later. With this extension, you can save entire chats with the ChatGPT as a PDF, PNG, or HTML. By the way, this extension is also free for you to use.

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