3 New Ways To Make Money Using Facebook Groups

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You must know by now that Facebook now is under Meta umbrella. And after announcement that company changes its name they had more news. And perhaps they are more interesting that the fact about name change of the company.

Facebook is trying to lure in more serious content creators to develop high-quality content by giving them new ways to make money using Facebook groups. And by doing that fend off competition from other social media services like TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube.

The company announced the updates at its annual Communities Summit event where it said the new features will help people who run groups to support the communities they have built.

Three New Ways To Monetize Facebook Groups

First two – shops and fundraisers. Community shops will allow group admins to sell themed merchandise or other stuff. Fundraisers will enable admins to crowdfund projects or simply offset the costs of running the group.

The third feature is entirely new – paid subgroups. As you may guess subgroups will be smaller groups within a group and users will be paying monthly fee to participate. Group admins can set up free subgroups, but payed version of this feature is Facebook’s latest attempt to create subscription-based products. In the context of groups, subscriptions will enable access to exclusive or specialized content.

You would be right by saying that admins and creators were selling their merch or other special content for a while now. But bringing the tools directly to them could be very useful for creators and for Facebook itself.

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